Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Leak and Rule: Leaks come with a Purpose

I don't understand the hype about WikiLeaks' publication of US diplomatic cables. Who would believe that leaking these documents would bring the American empire down? Who would think that with making these papers public the US economic and military power could be beaten? The leaked documents will create chaos at best. And who is thriving amid chaos? The powers that be.

I don't understand the concept behind WikiLeaks. What is so smart about publishing documents that you got from a source within the US system? The cables are out and now what? There's got to be more than that. "Après moi le déluge" is not good enough.

I don't understand why people think that WikiLeaks would be counterproductive to US intentions. What did the leaks reveal? Arab politicians like King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia almost begging the US to bomb Iran, its nuclear sites, to cut the snake's head. That is what the US is saying and aiming for all along! So when the US is really riding the attack, or have Israel do it, they only do what the Arab states asked for! Nice move, US. Nice twist, WikiLeaks.

I don't understand why people take these documents for the "objective truth". All year long everybody in my Twitter timeline is ranting about the US, condemning their lies, decouncing their deceitful behaviour. But now we have Julian Assange, digging up their internal documents, publishing it on the internet, and all of a sudden the American diplomatic talk is "the truth", free ob subjectivity, free of biased messages. Leaks don't mean truth! What we read is the American view of the world. How much do you trust their analysis?

I don't understand why media outlets like NY Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel work together with WikiLeaks. It's a well known fact that these traditional media houses have lost economic ground in the last decade. They needed a real scoop, a real boost real bad. Along comes the pusher Julian and he's got the stuff they all were craving for. In a concerted operation, the leaked cables are published simultaneously, almost one by one. The revelations from the diplomats' papers are scattered over days and weeks, like a heroin addict who will stretch his five gramms of heroin for as many shots he can. Where is the competition between the media? Where is The Guardian article that I haven't read in NY Times before. Have we fallen victim to a media cartel, mass disseminating the US world view? After reality tv we are subjected to reality politics: a voyeuristic look behind the curtain of diplomatic secrecy. The traditional media is in worse a shape than I ever imagined!

                            WikiLeaks: party animal and alpha dog

I don't understand Julian Assange calling Benjamin Netanyahu a "sophisticated politician". I don't understand Assange praising Netanyahu for saying that leaders should speak in public like they do in private whenever they can. When I hear Bibi in public, I don't even want to know how he speaks in private!

I don't understand why people don't ask more clearly where is and who is the source of the leaks. Is this all Bradley Manning's work? I don't buy into that. Bradley Manning was a scared kid out on a limb in Bagdad who redeemed himself with copying military documents on a cd with a Lady Gaga cover. But diplomatic cables from around the world? Leaks come with a purpose and when you ask yourself who benefits from the leaks then you might find WikiLeaks' source. If you can't beat them join them, the saying goes. And if you can't stop the world from wanting access to your secrets you feed them with the secrets you want them to have access to. Leaks of mass deception have just been added to a world leader's arsenal.

I dont' understand the mission Julian Assange thinks his on. In an interview with Time magazine he stated that it's WikiLeaks' goal to achieve a more just society. Assange a messias with a mission from God asking him to publish US diplomatic cables acquired from God knows where and then hide and see? Already Assange has made it on the shortlist of Time's person of the year 2010. But shortlists can be shortlived and Julian Assange has to be alive come New Year's Eve to be eligible for the award. There are still 24 days to go! (But please don't get me wrong: I keep my fingers crossed for him to make it.)

I don't understand people who think that leaking the Wiki-way will lead to a more liberal world. Who wants this liberalism, who is ready to live it every day? You? And: the intolerant response taking place right now to WikiLeaks is a potential threat to a free internet as a whole. Earlier this year - I'm quoting from a comment in The Hindu here - US president Obama was troubled by the cyber attacks on Google, which were said to originate in China, and wanted those responsible to face the consequences. The more freely information flows, the stronger society becomes, Obama went on. Now the boot is on the other foot. The same country that asked China to open up to Google - read: to American business - now shuts down WikiLeaks' access to business and wants to shut up Assange himself. Amazon, MasterCard, PayPal, even the Swiss Post Bank: all denied service to WikiLeaks in the last days. If globalisation means one rule fits all - the Washington rule - then we are in for dire times. When Liu Xiaobo acts against the Chinese system he gets the Peace Nobel prize. When Julian Assange acts against the American system - but does he really? - he gets the Guantanamo treatment.

I don't understand people who think or hope that WikiLeaks could eventually harm Israel. After all, despite their being leaked, the diplomatic cables are US documents. And US papers are, by definition, Israel friendly papers. Thank you Julian for bringing them to us in an unprecedented number!


  1. Interesting, but why do you care about israel? They wont be that important in the long run because of their small size and population(8million). You sound a little like a conspiracy theorist, although i agree with most of what you've written.

  2. I dont understand all this either. My one issue with Wikileaks is the lack of information about Israel. And while the cables criticise all other leaders they praise Benjamin Netanyahu, a charming individual?! COME ON! Lets see what this week has in store....

  3. "reality politics" no-one has said it any better! very smart!

    i still havent decided how i feel about wikileaks ... havent even bothered to read the documents, because "that that produces that loudest echo, has the biggest hollow gap" ...