Sunday, January 23, 2011

七心配: the Seven Worries of Yorikirii

I worry
  • that the Tunisian revolution will be seized by forces opposed to an open, democratic, pluralistic Tunisia.
  • that the stalemate in Ivory Coast will be resolved by force, internal or external, dealing once again a blow to African democracy and the aspirations of its people.
  • that more people will be executed in Iran and that "the West" keeps its fixation on the nuclear issue when talking to Iran.
七人の侍: Seven Samurai for Seven Worries needed
  • that Israel will settle and settle and settle in the occupied West Bank, until there is no space for an independent Palestinian state left, and no UN resolution can change that, if there ever is one.
  • that we won't see another Arab revolution soon, in Egypt or elsewhere, because at the end of the day, the preachers of democracy will privilege a repressive stability over the self-determination of a people, and will act accordingly.
  • that Lebanon will remain the "designated patient" of the Middle Eastern and the international political family, playing out in its body and in its soul all the things that are and go wrong in the dysfunctional loony bin of the geopolitical house of games.
  • that Roger Federer will never regain the number one spot in tennis again.

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  1. We share 6 of the 7 worries. But since I don't really follow tennis, I guess I'll throw my support behind the seventh.