Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to earn your Nobel Prize, Obama

In the 1400s, a treaty was made between the Aztecs and unconquered states close by who also practiced human sacrifice. A war of flowers would take place at stated times, for the express purpose of both sides taking prisoners of war. The battle was not intended to end in conquest. In these wars the two sides designated soldiers for capture in advance. These prisoners were then executed, in ritual sacrifices.

Though the Aztec enemies allowed this to happen and gave consent (instead of being conquered), in the long-term it created resentment against the Aztec empire, which led to its eventual downfall.

The relationship between Pakistan and the United States has significantly deteriorated with President Obama.

"A Taste of Armageddon" is a first-season episode of Star Trek. On stardate 3192.1, the starship USS Enterprise is en route to Eminiar VII, to open diplomatic relationships. Nearing Eminiar, the Enterprise receives a signal not to approach the planet. Landing anyway, the landing party learns that the city has just been hit by a Vendikar fusion bomb which has killed half a million people. Curiosly, everything in the city seems intact and there is no evidence of such an attack ever occuring. The Enterprise's commander, Captain Kirk, discovers that the entire war between the two planets is completely simulated by computers which launch wargame attacks and counterattacks, then calculate damage and select the dead. Citizens reported as killed must submit themselves for termination by stepping inside a disintegration booth. A conventional war was deemed too destructive to the environments and societies of both planets.

Today's disintegration booths are in Creech and Nellis Air Force Base, near Las Vegas, from where the United States' drone war is led.

disintegration booth 2012: Predator Drone Cockpit

Under the presidency of Barack Obama, there have been more than 300 дargeted killingdrone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, killing more than 3000 people. Less than two percent of those killed by US drone strikes in Pakistan have been described in reliable press accounts as leaders of Al Qaida or allied groups. The UK ministry of defense, in a study on the ethics of drone warfare, recently concluded: it is essential that before unmanned systems become ubiquitous to consider this issue and ensure that we do not risk our controlling humanity and make war more likely On November 2, in anticipation of a Obama second term, the Washington Post Editorial Board warned that a secret process of conducting covert strikes against militants worldwide is contrary to U.S. interests and ultimately unsustainable.

In 2008, Obama promised to close down Guantanamo. In 2012, Guantanamo is still operating but the influx of inmates has died. Instead of being deported globally, America's enemies are killed locally. Obama's war of flowers is flourishing, and he got four more years to expand it or to stop his taste of Armageddon. We can't live in a culture where technology has replaced character. It's time to earn your Nobel Prize, Obama.


I wrote this post last week, to come online today. In the meantime, CIA director David Petraeus has resigned from his post. General Petraeus was the architect of the drone war that Obama so thoroughly executes. His resignation exposes once again the bigoted morality that is USA today, a country in fear of losing it all. You can conquer a dozen countries; you can start a hundred wars; you can kill a thousand people: this is all inside the accepted rules of engagement of a society in self defense mode. But don't dare to cheat on your wife. The empire might start crashing from within!

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