Monday, July 16, 2012

Ravings of the Banal

Getting away from all the news and going to the beach? Getting away from all the news and going to the beach. Take a towel, take a swim. My domestic cannot be with me? Who will carry my bags? My husband is in Côte d'Ivoire you know, running a supermarket. West Africa. Is there racism in Africa? There is here. The slave trade caused a lot of victims. Then. And now. Getting away from all the truth and going out of reach.

They close the Strait of Hormuz. They are closing in on the streets of Homs. Choke. Joke. Who is the chicken, what is the egg? The Americans push three aircraft carriers to the Persian Gulf. The Iranians want to swim in the Mediterranean sea instead. Bob Dylan had it all figured out. Don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters. That is the SUBTERRANEAN homesick blues, you fool. Does it matter? Homs is sick, either way.

basement, pavement, government: Bob Dylan

We are living in a connected world. Smartphone geopolitics. You push one button here, I push another one there. I have connections, mind you. Puppet governments, puppet rebels. You slam, I jam. Like me if you can. Saudi female athletes want to go to the Olympic? Well, ok, says the prince. But not in beach volleyball please. That has become a beauty pageant rather than a sports event. Dress code is important. You tell me! That tie is killing me when it's forty degrees in the shade. Goddamn the global warming! All the media recognition for finally sending two girls to London? Undeserved. The king still keeps oppressing the Bahraini aspirations for a legitimate government. 

Be aware, readers: I have stopped calling for democracy. That is not the point. It is a legitimate government we are all yearning for. People need structure, need a hierarchy. It is the human nature. Even in communist Sovietland, one guy was calling the shots. Lenin, Stalin, Breshnew. The Russians now have Putin. Machiavelli was right on this too. Some people are born to rule. Some people are born to be fooled. 

Is this giving you a depression? Did you burn yourself? Should I care? I can give you sympathy. But no empathy. You say you need more. I never learned to care. To give. To dance. By now Keith Richards should know how to move like Jagger. The last fifty years he was watching Mick on stage. Sympathy for the devil? But no empathy for the one you say you love? I'm sorry.

nothing feels right: Move like Jagger

The Assad - Annan meeting went well, last week. Mutual agreements, laughters. Q is the word. Thank God they lack population to make a decisive impact. They have become too fat to move. Then another massacre. The UNSC was just about to convene to prevent this from happening. Are you serious? Why would they care? This is the major leagues, my friend. No time for sentimentality. Semi mentality rules. Ban cries foul. Assad blames "the others". Terrorists. Stop using that word! Terrorists. Russia denounces the claims of a "regime massacre". Annan travels on. A true diplomat never loses hope. Q keeps sending weapons. The Middle East is burning. Burning in hell. Targeted killings are very bad. You don't "just" kill your enemies. You talk to them. In Arabic. You hear that, Obama? Patterns must be broken.

I think I get ninety percent of what is going on around me. Don't underestimate me, dear. I can read you. I might not understand you. Not all of your moves. But I can see them. It's a cold world here. I grew up here, I'm used to it. It's me. Does anybody talk to you, asking you how you feel? I don't know how I made it out of there. Growing up in the banal is a school for pragmatism. Self sustaining adaption is my modus operandi. Tested. Approved. Don't blame me for that. People like people to be humble around here. Selling under value. No high flying drones. I know you hate that. It is a long term survival strategy. The envy is the weapon of the intellectually poor. The tree of life has many weak branches.

You are ok on our nuclear program, we are ok on your plans with Assad. He doesn't matter for us. He is nuclear waste. Make him happy, release him from his duties. It's as simple as that. Will trade Bashar for sanctions. Don't forget to chip in the Louboutins. The sound of high heels arouses me. French cancan. Morality? You are talking about morality? In the end it is all interests. Interests lead to war, interests stop a war. Human Rights is just a four letter word. I named my dog Human Rights, did you know? I like to kick her out of the door. My dog is fed on leftovers from my table of interests. 

Get a grip on yourself. Think positive, move ahead. Food for thoughts: I know you miss them. Don't be too proud to ask for what is yours. You are an excellent product. But you are not a self seller. If you keep walking like this, you end up being a self fulfilling prophecy. The world is yours. You have to work it to make it yours. Get a ticket. Plan. Your hero is Roger? You are too nervous to watch his matches? Show me your nails. I already have the title for my next book. How to make it to number one again in a competitive environment. Am I pretentious? Modesty has never been my strength. Follow the leader, ignore the parking meter. Roger was all about planning. About being on time. Timeless. Like the jokes in a good comedy. On time. Robert de Niro is a great mafia actor. I like him best in comedies. Think about that.

Jesus children of America: Hell of a Swinger

We are in for the long run. Why can't "Syria" just go away? When the shit hits the fan, where do you run? Nowhere to hide. Another refugee camp. It will mean "Lebanon" afterwards. I like watching a fire. It is cozy. But only when it hits my neighbor. Clap hands. Yeah, clap hands. Jesus children of America, are you hearing, praying, feeling what you say inside? Are you standing for everything you talk about? Are you happy when you stick a needle in your brother's vein? Stevie Wonder is a great musician, I had to feature him in this post. A post you don't have to understand. Understandably. How could you? A post that is meant to be felt. Does it hurt? Being ridiculous can hurt too.